Rugby Tournaments

Posted Tuesday September 5, 2023

A huge congratulations to our SENSATIONAL Year 7/8 St Peter's College festival team who were unbeaten at the Queenstown Rugby Festival last weekend. What a fun and enjoyable time our players had!

This tournament team is a combination of our A Grade Blue and Red teams. These boys had five games over the two day festival and come up trumps!

We are super proud of these boys; their dedication, composure, determination and solid defense.

All weekend we heard how they were excellent ambassadors for our school - from Mr Whippy to our opposition teams. What a fantastic bunch!

Our sideline supporters were again out in force with parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins all cheering us on. Your support is greatly appreciated and so valuable!

Last, but certainly not least, we need to acknowledge our coaches Ed, Brendon and Jamie. Manager Catherine, Tara and medic Leigh who ensured everyone was coached, fed and medically sorted over the weekend.

Thanks so much to Rebecca who organised the tournament for us all and stayed with the team over the weekend. We appreciate the hard work you have contributed behind the scenes (and across the weekend), Rebecca. This is always a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage with.

This team is grateful to the St Peter's College Rugby Club for your financial contribution to this tournament alongside Wilkins Farming. Check out the amazing kit kindly sponsored by Mike & Donna. Our team felt and certainly looked the part over the weekend - we acknowledge and value your generosity!

Image by: Amy-Rae Rooijackers

Well done to these two super stars who were named in the Queenstown festival team over the weekend. Congratulations Blake and Mason. You both had an amazing five games over our weekend. Your confidence as leaders shone through, as did your passion, drive and determination. You both led from the front with an abundance of strong and powerful surges. Well deserved recognition. 

Image by: Amy-Rae Rooijackers

We look forward to seeing everyone for rugby photos on Tuesday, in clean uniforms! 

Image by: Amy-Rae Rooijackers

Congratulations to our Year 9/10 St Peter's College Girls' team who worked hard and competed with determination in the recent Highlanders one-day tournament. Here are our girls with coaches Hayden and Russell, alongside the inspirational Black Fern, Kendra Cocksedge, who we enjoyed talking to.

Image by: Amy-Rae Rooijackers

Thanks to Addi, who was part of the coaching and management team last week alongside Dixie, who demonstrated another facet to her rugby game, in the refereeing space.